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LYNNABEL Mon, Jan 16 2017

I can't seem to get my act together foodwise. I have been doing okay with exercise. Not great, but okay (2-3 times per week). I just can't seem to reign in my eating, though. I know it has to do with ...
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LYNNABEL a week ago

I can't seem to get my act together foodwise. I have been doing okay with exercise. Not gr...
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BRICK42DJ 2 months ago

Everyone usually thinks there is plenty of time to start over. Or they get frustrated and ...
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FACINGFORWARD 2 months ago

I started Crossfit last night. I have two more "On Ramp" sessions to do, and al...
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THEFATCHICK 4 months ago

I am so exhausted today; even though Iím sleeping through the night, the quality of my sle...
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JACLYNSTJOHN 11 months ago

Have you ever told yourself you were not going to eat sugar again? Or maybe stop drinking ...
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KARPUN1967 a year ago

Spent 5 hours yesterday cleaning and de cluttering, and cooking to prepare for today. I a...
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KPEARSON a year ago

So I haven't logged anything in over 2 and half weeks. I haven't even been on Calorie King...
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The price of going to bed without an evening snack Twas the night before weigh in ...
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HAPLOTK114 a year ago

Still at 261. A1C is out of control. Going to work on taking this more seriously (again)...
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66INNY a year ago

This week the lawn got very green and I did a real bike ride. Thursday afternoon, aft...
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