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THEFATCHICK Fri, May 22 2015

Good Morning. Itís been a while. I havenít been doing so well with food and havenít been training in over a weekÖI have been a bad girl. I know what I need to doÖwhy Iím not just doing it is st...
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THEFATCHICK 3 days ago

Good Morning. Itís been a while. I havenít been doing so well with food and havenít been t...
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66INNY a month ago

This week the lawn got very green and I did a real bike ride. Thursday afternoon, aft...
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OLDARMYMED a month ago

After a few months of chaos and getting a book (at least the text part) to the publisher, ...
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CELAWLOR 2 months ago

Guess it's been a few years since I've done much here besides be a creeper. My profession...
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LYNNABEL 3 months ago

Saturday morning. I have classes this semester on Sunday and Monday, a reduced load. But a...
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MIRIAM 3 months ago

Esther died today 7:40 PM. She died peacefully surrounded by her family and the caretakers...
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MTTBR22007 4 months ago

This week has been very slow in the weight loss category. As of today .2#s my body is not...
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when i first started on ck, i would see post of people who had been on here for years and ...
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KPEARSON 9 months ago

I don't even know how to start talking about what I'm feeling today. So I guess I'll just...
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SAXONHARP 10 months ago

I have been around but for some reason did not take the time to blog. It is HUMID h...
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