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THEFATCHICK Sun, Dec 21 2014

Can't sleep, too much to do, too much on my mind. My tree is still in the box but hopefully makes it up today, I still have to wrap presents and deliver the ones that go the family my friends and I sp...
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Can't sleep, too much to do, too much on my mind. My tree is still in the box but hopefull...
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OLDARMYMED 2 weeks ago

I decided in early November to put the weight loss golas on hold through the holidays. My...
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when i first started on ck, i would see post of people who had been on here for years and ...
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LYNNABEL 2 months ago

I know you all have been waiting - Eyeliner dream last night! Except, wasn't an eyeline...
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66INNY 3 months ago

I still haven't really switched to weight-loss mode so I haven't really lost anything sinc...
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KPEARSON 4 months ago

I don't even know how to start talking about what I'm feeling today. So I guess I'll just...
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SAXONHARP 5 months ago

I have been around but for some reason did not take the time to blog. It is HUMID h...
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DEVILEDHONEY 8 months ago

I guess I refuse to give up, I am back and counting calories and tracking my activity. I u...
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MOLLYJ 11 months ago

Well, a definite up and down week. Lots of stress and, I admit, a little stress eating. ...
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HAPLOTK114 11 months ago

So here I am. In a crappy situation at work. Waiting for the pink slip. Vacation was gr...
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