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Week 2

Saturday, April 18th 2015

This week the lawn got very green and I did a real bike ride.

Thursday afternoon, after leading the 11:00 S&B class and putting some time in on the elliptical trainer in the morning, I rode my town bike on the canal trial all the way out to the footbridge at Green Lakes. It felt great but I was spent after riding back with a strong headwind. It will take a good part of May to get into shape for my rode bike.


I may not make much progress ...

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One Step At A Time

Sunday, April 5th 2015

A week of small improvements here, not the least of which is the slight improvement in my posture when I climb the stairs. Even with the modest increase in exercise I managed the past couple of weeks I'm aware of changes.

And then The Mister surprised me yesterday by announcing we were going to put the vanity top in. There's one more adjustment to be made but I'm amazed how easily we've been able to shift the thing back and forth without injury or even a harsh word between us.


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Gone, Gone, Gone

Saturday, April 4th 2015

It's been a week or so of big changes here. In the ten days since I took this photo almost all of the snow has melted and the huge, elegant basswood has been taken down.

I was hoping the solar installation would happen quickly but apparently The Mister will be spending more time looking into it. We still haven't done anything on the front bathroom either but I'm shifting my focus to diet & exercise, the MSC and the garden. And so it goes...

At least I finally got a much-need...

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Back On A Bike

Friday, April 3rd 2015

It may be that I turned a corner of sorts when I checked to see if I was going to be automatically renewed here at Calorie King. I thought my membership expired in April so of course I was surprised when I realized I'd rejoined last August.

Something about having four months left on my membership and seeing a couple of other long-time members blogging again gave me a boost. Then on Tuesday the weather cleared enough that I could ride a bike to the village for the first time in months.


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Thursday, April 2nd 2015

Last week, lovers of rice rejoiced when the Washington Post reported on a simple trick to improve the nutritional value of the food. According to researchers in Sri Lanka, all you have to do is add a fat (they used coconut oil) to the cooking water, cool your rice over night, and voilà!—up to to 50 percent of the calories (a cup of rice contains about 200 when cooked conventionally) are gone.

It works by converting the white rice—which is made mostly of digestible starch—into one that i...

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