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Wednesday, Jul 30 2014 - La Mia Bicicletta

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I did a short but proper ride on my Bianchi yesterday and it felt great. I love this bicycle and I'm going to be riding it at least 3X week for the rest of the season. The yard & garden work will simply have to come AFTER biking & hiking.

I also rode my Koga to the village in the morning for a short workout on the elliptical and the S&B class. I took a nap in the afternoon but my energy level is much better and I'm sticking to my meal plans. I'm off to the park this morning.

I'm only down another 0.2 this morning but there's no doubt in my feeble mind that I will back down to my 2011 goal next week and right where I was last year for Rainbow Lake in September.

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