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Monday, Feb 4 2013 - I survived massive cdiff infection after my gastric bypass surgery.

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My surgery was on Sept 5th 2012 and I have been in the hospital four times since then on medications up to two weeks ago. Cdiff is a nasty super bug that I contracted in the hospital and it almost claimed my life twice, I suffered from toxic shock from the toxins released by this bacteria. I have fought hard to regain my health over the past almost five months and am happy to say I am on the road to recovery. I will be making my gym goal this evening. I am back again here to track my progress with my weight and health.


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5 years ago

I hope your Aunt is out of the woods, free from her Cdiff. I know how dangerous that infection is. It also can lead to Megacolon which then leaves you with no option other then colon removal. Also not being able to absorb many nutrients as the lining is stripped from your colon as well. I was in CCU myself twice, on in-home IV feeding as well, a long haul to get my health back. Surgery removing 90% of my stomach made it imposable to stay hydrated. I am so sorry your mom has gone through this, we have had our house “Optacided”, three times to kill the spores that live on any surface for over five months. There is nothing on the market, just bleach which has to contact the cdiff spores for over five min. Optacide is what works, it is used in the medical industry for mersa and cdiff. I have an infectious disease specialist, great Dr., helped me fight this infection, I was on vincomyican,the twelve week oral treatment, had to start over once so again it has been a long recovery. We found out last week that we lost a client to cdiff this past December, she was also fighting cancer and was infected when she has breast surgery last year.




5 years ago

That's good to hear. Cdiff is a nasty problem to have. My aunt has had it several times.