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Monday, Feb 18 2013 - Hibernation Overcome!

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One of my patterns, year in and year out, has been a tendency to "hibernate" in the winter. I live in Portland, Oregon. It is rainy and gray on many winter days - really most days from October to April. I awake later and later and begin to feel pretty exhausted in the evenings. Then, beginning in April, I start to exercise again, I awake in a sunny mood. May and June (although still rainy oft times, is brighter. and get up earlier and usually by October, I have lost the extra pounds I have gained.

This year I went to Hawaii for vacation in December. Each morning, I got up with the birds. I didn't have to try to get up, it was just natural. I'd take a nice long walk in the morning, passing so many sunny fellow exercisers. I'd pick some passion fruit to add to my have a fruit smoothie in the morning and look at the clock - only 7:00AM?. I love the sun. It makes me happy. It makes most people happy. The "happiest" state is Hawaii. Did you know? The most fit group of people in the U.S. live in Hawaii as well.

So that task is this: to wake up early naturally, to want to move when I get up, and to have and feel a sunny optimism without the sunshine. So, I researched the use of a therapy light for changing natural circadian rhythm in the winter in the northern hemisphere. I purchased a light and began getting up earlier and reading in front of it with my coffee. It works! I am now naturally waking up at 5:00 and I feel pretty happy. I have been exercising every day, although not yet before work really. The next step will be to exercise in front of my therapy light.


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