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Sunday, Feb 17 2013 - Back at It Again.

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I've been away since mid July.
Life and health issues got in the way.

Once again I begin.
I have been dxed with a hypothyriodism and have found out first hand just what that means in terms of energy, and weight loss / weight gain.
None of it is good.
Once my thyriod med gets the right adjustment then I expect to be able to lose and find the energy that seems to elude me now.

I can't change the thyriod situation however I can change my behavior and be ready for the day when my med dose is right and I can once again begin to lose if I'm doing the work it take to lose.
I can change my mindset to:
Ok right now I'm not going to lose but once the med is right I will be able to if I do the right thing.

So for now I'm preparing for the day that once again I will be able to lose.
So I have hope once again.
The light is finaly at the end of the tunnel.


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