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Wednesday, Jan 7 2009 - Oh Me

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It is so quiet today, except for my Doberman barking outside wanting the dogs across the fence to come out and play. I need to be in the shower, cleaning my house, walking on the treadmill, and here I sit. I have been learning how to be quiet inside of me despite the noise and worries around me. I have learned no one can put a value on me except the value that I accept. I am valuable. Just as I am today, I am valuable. Losing weight is not going to make me more valuable. Losing weight will give me a a sense of a job well done but it will not add value to whom I am as a person. I have a Japanese friend at work, she tells me you do not need to worry about your weight, you are not on the market, you are married. I tell her that is why I need to lose weight , I need to keep my husband. Isn't that sad? What I am trying to say is that at 135 pounds I will not be any more valuable than I am today at 158 lbs. This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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