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Thursday, Jan 15 2009 - Just Waking Up

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It is the coldest day of the year here. It is supposed to get to the high of 29 degrees. It snowed last night but it wasn't much. I looked out the window and it looked like someone took a sifter and lightly dusted the lawns and the housetops. I was actually dreaming about snow in my warm cozy waterbed. I had a brand new Charger car and people were skidding on the ice all over the place and I was just confidently driving my new car. Than all of a sudden I was standing on the side of a mountain road. I also dreamed I was at a school and we were making art projects. I was sitting on the floor and a group of Native Americans dressed in their full regalia walked in and started singing and chanting in their language. All of a sudden this one man in the group shouted out the word"Tequila". Then I shouted it back even louder "Tequila". There was this group of people all around me, and I was so embarassed because I was the only one that shouted, than I started giggling in my sleep and woke up. Wow, that so completely off the subject of weight loss. I am losing weight, but very slowly, as I always do . I have been on so many diets throughout the decades of my life. I think my body just says"you got to be kidding,you are still trying to lose weight". " Ha I will show you, if you really, really want to lose weight you will have to work your arse off for it because I am going to take my time". I like the calorie counting better than trying to count points on WW, for me it seems more logical and not so restricting. The other day I ate a Snickers ice cream bar with my work friends and didn't feel guity one bit, it was in my calorie range. I would have never done that with WW. I would have thought oh that is 10p oints, half of my point allowance for the day, than I would have felt deprived and lonely. But I ate it and felt accepted and one of the group. OMG, I just seen the psychological warfare I put myself in because of food. Food is food, but it can be so psychologically entwined into our complex lives that we live in. I am at heart a vegetarian, I did that lifestyle for 6 months. But I felt so alone and strange ; I live in the heartland of America, everyone loves their meat and potatoes here. I started eating chicken again, than other meats. But I close my mind to the suffering these animals had to go through for me to eat them. Ok I am going to quit rambling for today. Onward!

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