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New Year's Eve Eve--Tuesday

Tuesday, December 30th 2008

Well, I'm down a pound this morning--162.5. :clap: I may be back down to my last week's weight by the end of this week. Even though I know it happens, it's still frustrating. But I know that if I stay on track, the weight will come off.

I changed my morning schedule around a little this a.m.--a bit less hectic, but I didn't get as much done. However, I did get my meals fixed for today, took my meds on time, and had a decent and bigger breakfast. In a few minutes I'm going to do the dishes an...

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It's the LAST Monday of 2008!!!

Monday, December 29th 2008

I think my bathroom scale is beginning to falter. It's one of those cheap digital things and I've had it for a long time, but maybe old age is beginning to catch up with it. I weighed one time and it showed 160.5; 2 minutes later it showed 163.5. Maybe the little spring-thingey in side is beginning to head south permanently. I have a perfectly good medical-type scale out in the garage so maybe it's time to retire the little scale and start using the big one.

I like to weigh every day. ...

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Sunday, December 28th 2008

I started my blog this morning, but it was so goofy :rolling1: I deleted it. It made absolutely no sense at all.

Today was good. I think I finally figured out my med timing so I don't feel so yucky! :thumbu2: BP meds at about 11 a.m., byetta at 4:30 a.m. or so and again at 2 p.m. I need to eat a piece of a backcountry bar at 5 a.m. and again at 2:30 or so--these bars are good and they seem to keep my blood sugar from dropping so fast. As long as I eat them on an empty stomach the delayed gastric emptyin...

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Saturday--Weigh-In Day

Saturday, December 27th 2008

Yesterday was "Free Day"--a familiar concept to all Body-for-Lifers. I've been working out hard all week and eating right, but Friday is my end-of-week time to get ready for the weekend. No real exercise (except a walk), and no food rules. I had an absolutely GREAT chicken sandwich from the co-op; I added some of their chick-pea spread to it and that made it even better. After work I stopped at the Elks and had a drink (only one, but, as my Dad always said, "if you're only goi...

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"Twas the day after Christmas..."

Friday, December 26th 2008

Today is going pretty well. I got up on time this morning, took all my meds on time, and had a muscle milk shake for breakfast. I feel much better after eating lightly--only a little bit of stomach upset and no headache. I'm going to try taking my BP meds at noon to see how that works. Yesterday my BP meds kind of knocked me out, but a cup of strong black tea pretty much fixed the problem. The only problem yesterday was that I ate too much in the evening and my stomach felt over-full for a ...

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