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Friday, Dec 26 2008 - "Twas the day after Christmas..."

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Today is going pretty well. I got up on time this morning, took all my meds on time, and had a muscle milk shake for breakfast. I feel much better after eating lightly--only a little bit of stomach upset and no headache. I'm going to try taking my BP meds at noon to see how that works. Yesterday my BP meds kind of knocked me out, but a cup of strong black tea pretty much fixed the problem. The only problem yesterday was that I ate too much in the evening and my stomach felt over-full for a long time. I'm going to try a smaller meal tonight that is more calorie-dense so I can eat enough--I'll see how that works.

The day after Christmas is terrific at work because there are so few people here. It is one of the best days to get things organized for next year--set up my calendar, update my project list, etc. I'm going to to to the Co-op and get something yummy for lunch--maybe one of their chick-pea sandwiches and some salad or something.

More later---

I ate a big lunch at 1 today. It's now 3:30 and my blood glucose is 174; it was 161 at 3:00. This is simply not acceptible. It won't stay up for too much longer, though, because at 4 I'm leaving. I should be in the gym by 5 and that will drop my blood glucose. Stupid pancreas!!:bang: I may start taking my byetta in late afternoon (say around 3)--that should fix this problem. I can keep one pen here at work and one at home so I don't have to worry about carrying a single pen back-and-forth from home.

Today is pretty darned :yawn3: at work. But it has given me time to balance my checkbook and pay a couple of bills. I've also made a couple of necessary appointments and updated my daytimer.

It's only 15 minutes to 4. I think I'll start shutting down my computer and packing up my stuff and getting ready to hit the road (as it were). More L8R.

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