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Wednesday, Jan 21 2009 - Wednesday, January 21

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Today is better. Nothing like getting the old hormone balance balanced to make my brain work right. There still isn't much to do here, but it's not making as crazy as I was yesterday.:thumbu2:

I got my 40 extra pushups done today. :clap: If I do another 40 tomorrow and 40 the day after that and 40 the day after that..... Well, you get the picture. Anyway, that will put some serious numbers in the bank before surgery in February. I don't think my knee surgery next week is going to interfere with pushups--I can always do them balanced on my good foot; abdominal surgery is apt to be a different story :beatup: because I don't think I can balance on my good belly!:eyebrows:

I need to work more on abs.:bang: I'm way behind and my back and abs are getting even with me. I've been working on my plank and doing some TA-specific exercises. I can tell that the muscles are firing better--my back is straighter, my abs are tighter, and I don't slouch as much. But my back hurts (maybe kidneys, maybe not) and I want it to stop!! :nono1: Right now!! :nono2: Enough!! :nono5:

I am going to go to the gym tonight after work. I am going to do about 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of upper body stuff. I'm also going to do at least some calf raises and some leg extensions--my post-op rehab is going to be the shortest in history if I have anything to say about it!:rock1:

I also have to go shopping and do some laundry--I need Egg Beaters and vegies, Larry needs eggs, and clean underpants would be good. :teeth3: I also need to run by Reddish for meds.

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