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Saturday, Jan 31 2009 - Saturday and tomorrow is a brand new month!

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January has gone OK. I think my weight is down to about 162 or so--down from where I started. It's a little hard to tell because I had a weigh-in today, so of course I carbed up to get as heavy as possible. At the end of the day, it was sort of a wasted effort because I could have just told the girl what I weighed. And since I weighed in wearing shoes, I could have worn combat boots or carrying rolls of quarters in my pockets. Whatever!!!

I had my knee scoped on Thursday and already it's much better. Not much pain, even without drugs. Actually, it's more stiff than painful. And it doesn't work quite right--the muscles just don't contract as fast as they need to so I move really sloooowwww!! Not much damage to the knee, but the meniscus was split--probably what I felt tear when I squatted down. But it's fixed now and should be pretty much back to normal in a couple of weeks.

I get those kidney cysts marsupialized in about 10 days. I think that is going to make a huge difference in my life--less back pain, less GI problems, and maybe better BP control. And I should also have a waist; I bet I lose 3-4 inches off my waist--talk about spot reduction!!! I'm a little concerned about the surgery--there could be a lot of adhesions secondary to the hemicolectomy. If so, the recovery could be quite a bit longer, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. However, if all goes as planned, I should be able to start working out by the end of February.

I went to see Sharma for my regular visit last Thursday and I wasn't particularly pleased with the visit. It could have been me because I had my knee scoped that morning and I can be pretty annoying when I'm stressed. But I have no doubt that he was part of the problem, too. After thinking about it, I don't think he enjoys the clinic part of his practice and I suspect that CKD3 is very boring for him. However, CKD3 is where I am and I am want to learn about what might be coming down the pike. If my kidneys hold out and keep working forever, then there's no problem and I am concerned for no reason. But there is also the possibility that dialysis is sometime in my future and I want to know what that means for me--being told that it's "not time for us to have that conversation" doesn't help one little bit. I swear that the issue of chronic kidney disease is treated like it's a secret. However, I'm going down to Colorado the end of March and I'll talk to the people in their dialysis center--they're the only people I've talked to who are willing to share info with someone who's not in ESRD.

I think I'm going to take a couple Vicodin and go to bed. More tomorrow.

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