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Tuesday, Feb 24 2009 - One day at a time--Tuesday, February 24

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I am tired AND bored. I also feel about as energetic as a limp dishrag--this sucks!! But whining doesn't really seem to be getting me anywhere, so maybe I ought to do something more constructive. I know--when I finish this ode to self-pity, I'll take a shower and go to the store. I need some different deode and some OJ.

I did finish typing Larry's initiation part so I'll print that out for him. I have a doc appointment at 2:45; when I get back from that, I'll do dishes if I have the energy. In any case, I'll work on getting dinner ready for when Larry comes home from work.

>>>>More later.

I was so tired after I showered. Maybe hair drying/styling should be an Olympic sport. After primping I went to the WalMart, bought OJ and pickles. Because I had time I went to the gym for about 20 minutes before I went to the doc's--I climbed on the stepmill for 12 minutes and thought I was gonna pass out. When I got to Dr. S, my HR was still 90. I was exhausted after I got back from the doc's and slept for 2 hours. Pathetic.

Dr. S said it's going to be at least 2 weeks before I go back to work. The way I feel now, 2 weeks won't be enough, but every day is better. I can't believe how tired I am. Doing nothing leaves me exhausted--just too pooped to pop. I hope to hell that I start feeling better soon, because this is making me crazy. I think the inhaler is going to help--I think I have some bronchitis/asthma, the same old thing that's bothered me off-and-on for years.

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5 years ago

Cecily-- as one post-op to another-- it will pass! What you're experiencing is temporary and totally natural-- not pathetic! But I can soooo relate to feeling pathetic. Just remind yourself, your body went through a major ordeal and it's been good to you so you need to be good to it. Give it time to recover and it will repay you!

by SUNNYM145