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Senior Prom Tonight--Saturday, March 28

Saturday, March 28th 2009

My weight is up again this morning--155.5. How annoying. Of course it's due to all that salad I ate last night--it was good, but there was a lot of salt and water and stuff in it. I'm sure the calories were more than I logged, but that's the one meal this week where I haven't weighed/measured everything.

A funny thing is going on. My feet are kinda swollen, but not like water retention swollen. No pitting edema (or oedema), there is no obvious ankle swelling or swelling under the ski...

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March 27--TGIF

Friday, March 27th 2009

Weight this morning was 154.5. What's up with this? I must be retaining a bunch of water--I'll focus on drinking lots of H2O today. Because the fact is that with my calorie intake and exercise I MUST be losing--I am in calorie deficit. But, boy, is this frustrating!

It's a little after 9 and I'm about ready for bed. I have lots of stuff to do tomorrow and I can't fool around too much longer. Tomorrow (1) I need to go into the office and pack up for Spokane, (2) clean the kitchen and...

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Thursday, March 26

Thursday, March 26th 2009

Well. No other way to put it.

My weight yesterday was 153.5, today it's 154, so the bloat is apparently gone. That's good. On the other hand I feel hungry--well, sort of. More a little bit of stomach acid that I used to call hungry--I can't really be hungry because I just ate a good breakfast. So this is all one of those psychological/physical/fat-cell-refusing-to-give-up kinda things (one of those "symptom thingies";).

Only a few days to go--20 after today for the IPUC c...

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Wednesday, March 25

Wednesday, March 25th 2009

Weight this morning = 153.5.

My weight this morning deserves its own special line. After hanging around at the same weight (more-or-less) for a month, the scale is finally starting to move. As it should, because I swear I did nothing but pee yesterday and last night. There may even be a pound or two left to go before I get all the extra water out.

Monday, March 23

Monday, March 23rd 2009

Today my weight is not behaving well. Although it is down a bit, it should be down more. However I've been drinking lots of water today (and peeing a lot) so I am apt to be down a couple of pounds overnight. After all, I weighed 158 this afternoon, so I should be down tomorrow morning. I hope.

Sunday was so weird. I went to dinner with Larry and his mom and ordered salad with ranch and the little salmon steak. As soon as I ate the salad, I started to feel bloated--maybe from the dress...

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