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Monday, Mar 23 2009 - Monday, March 23

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Today my weight is not behaving well. Although it is down a bit, it should be down more. However I've been drinking lots of water today (and peeing a lot) so I am apt to be down a couple of pounds overnight. After all, I weighed 158 this afternoon, so I should be down tomorrow morning. I hope.

Sunday was so weird. I went to dinner with Larry and his mom and ordered salad with ranch and the little salmon steak. As soon as I ate the salad, I started to feel bloated--maybe from the dressing and the water? By the time I was done eating, my loose pants were tight around the waist. Too weird. Maybe some MSG, sulfites on the greens, ??? I'm still kinda bloated today, but I'll deal with that in the morning if necessary.

I'm almost ready for bed. I've taken my last pills, and I can tell that in a few minutes I'll be ready to go to sleep. I didn't sleep well last night, but I'm tired enough that I should sleep good tonight.

Today I couldn't find my thumb-drive before I went to work; couldn't find my hard-drive either. I looked for it and Larry looked for it. I was so worried I lost the drives that I came home early and promptly found them in a zippered pocket in the computer case. I swear I'm getting senile.

I met with Mike tonight and did measurements. It looked like I was down about 2.5 pounds of fat even though I was only down 1 pound in scale weight. Although I felt bloated and yucky all day, I think the fat loss is OK.

Going forward: There is only 3.5-4 weeks left of the assorted weight loss contests and I am going to be out of town next week. So the plan is this: decrease calories to 1300 +/- 50 with low carbs and high protein/fat. Lift weights 4 days/week plus 20 minutes cardio; 40 minutes cardio on two of the off-days. This is apt to be kinda tough, but it's only gonna last for a few weeks. I actually think it's going to be sort of fun--sort of like getting ready for a bodybuilding contest.

More tomorrow. It's bedtime.

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