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Thursday, Mar 26 2009 - Thursday, March 26

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Well. No other way to put it.

My weight yesterday was 153.5, today it's 154, so the bloat is apparently gone. That's good. On the other hand I feel hungry--well, sort of. More a little bit of stomach acid that I used to call hungry--I can't really be hungry because I just ate a good breakfast. So this is all one of those psychological/physical/fat-cell-refusing-to-give-up kinda things (one of those "symptom thingies";).

Only a few days to go--20 after today for the IPUC contest, 23 for the Golds contest. This is going to be so easy even a marine could do it! I AM going to get my weight down below 150 for the weigh-in (after all, that's only 4 pounds); I could get it down below 145, though that will be a little harder. But wouldn't that be COOL!!! Just gotta keep my eye on the ball.

My teeth have been bugging me. Not like a tooth ache from a cavity, but tender around the gums and achy roots. This has been going on since my hospital vacation and got worse when Dr. T got rid of the interference on the right side--I hope the bite guard helps with this because it's annoying. I have an appointment in about 10 days to see him, so we'll address the issue then.

I think I'm going to have to find a new nephrologist. Sharma is only making appointments 2 weeks in advance--that sounds to me like he is planning to make a move. Considering how much he travels and speaks and all that stuff, I think he may be a little too important to do clinical medicine in Idaho. Oh, well--this is a good time to switch since my kidney function is OK right now and I have good folks in Denver who are looking after the BP meds. I'll ask Drs. Miller/Roberts who they like when I see them in a couple of weeks; I'll also ask Dr. Schrier if he has any thoughts 'cause I think he's pretty sharp. For sure I will also ask Dr. Stan who he likes. After all, I have plenty of time to find the right doc--I just want to have the right guy in place when the time comes.

I need to quit fooling around and take my shower. More later.

It's 9 p.m. and about time for bed. But even though I was got up early, I'm still pretty awake. I suspect that I'll be toast within the next half hour, though--9:30 is usually the end of the line for me just like clockwork.

I just realized that I don't seem to need a nap during the day any more. I stayed awake all day and had plenty of energy the whole time. I haven't been able to do that for years and years. I remember feeling like this back in the '70's and '80's and maybe into the '90's, but not since. I wonder what happened--could those cysts been causing problems even then? I don't think they could have been that big back then, but maybe so. I wonder if there was something about the cysts themselves that caused problems--they're supposed to be benign but maybe not. Interesting. Of course, the cysts were big enough to push on stuff and that had to caused all sorts of problems. Anyway, it's better now depending on what better and now mean.


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