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Saturday, Mar 28 2009 - Senior Prom Tonight--Saturday, March 28

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My weight is up again this morning--155.5. How annoying. Of course it's due to all that salad I ate last night--it was good, but there was a lot of salt and water and stuff in it. I'm sure the calories were more than I logged, but that's the one meal this week where I haven't weighed/measured everything.

A funny thing is going on. My feet are kinda swollen, but not like water retention swollen. No pitting edema (or oedema), there is no obvious ankle swelling or swelling under the skin or my feet--not like after you've been on the plane for hours. But my SOCKS are tight aroung my feet. I think this is what is happening. I've always had a bunch of fat around my calves (odd, but there ya go) and it's getting really lose and sloppy--I think that watery fat is starting to "drip" down into my ankles and feet just before it flushes away. Too weird and time will tell. Of course it would by nice to tell before the end of all the weight loss contests.

I can't drink excess water today to flush the SQ water--if I do, I'll end up spending the evening in the ladies' room. And that kind of activity is soooo complicated with all the clothes that make up formal attire. Of course, maybe I'll settle for a garter belt and stockings--with seams! That would be pretty cool. But we'll see what develops from the shopping trip today.

Tonight is going to be a challenge food-wise. The dinner is one of those sit-down "rubber chicken" type affairs, except the rubber chicken is really going to be baked pork chops with scalloped potatoes--about 5 million calories per bite. Those affairs are always a little stressful and it's easy to over-eat AND the food is going to taste like good comfort food--not a good combination. Add in a little alcohol and this could turn into a disaster. A strategy is going to be essential to keep this thing under control!

Well, this has been fun but I need to have breakfast and get this show on the road.

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