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Sunday, Apr 5 2009 - Sunday, April 5th

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I can hardly believe it--here it is April already! Absolutely amazing! The weather yesterday was beautiful -- warm and dry with perfect blue skies. Quite a change from 50 mph winds and snow a couple of days ago.

Only 2 weeks to go on my weight loss contest(s). As far as contests go, this hasn't quite progressed the way I'd planned but it has been a learning experience. The kidney surgery (and all its aftermath), last week's travel, getting my knee scoped--just didn't make for the most pounds lost. But nonetheless, I will do OK on weigh-in at work. And probably OK for Golds.

What I have learned is: (1) I retain water really easy; (2) I need to do a bunch of cardio OR not eat much to lose; (3) a fairly high protein diet makes me feel better than high carb; (4) I put on/retain muscle pretty easy; (5) 155 seems to be a plateau for me (I seem to remember the same plateau from 30 years ago); (6) maintaining a weight is pretty easy if I don't get weird about my eating; (7) business travel is a challenge for me.

I have to do an essay for the Golds Challenge--no big deal, I can do that. Something heartfelt and gooey--something they can put on the wall!! I'll try to get a rough draft done the next day or two. I have a few ideas of things I want to say--including some of the ideas above--and it will be good to get them down on paper/computer.

Today: (1) gym first thing this a.m. (like in 30 minutes or less) (2) clean the kitchen--the stove is disgusting (3) make up meals for the week--lots of 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 3 oz meat servings (4) laundry (5) FLEX stuff ready to FAX (6) checkbook/pay bills (7) work on family taxes (8) rototill the garden (9) dinner with Lillian (10) put goals in CK.

OK--It's 9:15 and I just finished BF. Of my list: gym is done and goals are in CK. Next on list: laundry, make up meals (this is started), and cleaning the stove. I'm on a roll!

12:40--I just finished lunch. Meals are made up, stove is cleaned, garden is rototilled, dishes are washed, and laundry is organized to wash after we shower. It's now time to return the rototiller and run a few errands before we get back to clean up for dinner. There is hope for today.

It's now 8:30 and I'm whupped. L and I got lots of stuff done today, but I didn't get to the paperwork stuff. I can get the bills/checkbook/FLEX done tomorrow at lunch. With luck I can get to the taxes tomorrow night. I set the alarm for 3:50--my goal is to get up, take assorted pills, and haul my lazy a$$ off to the gym for some cardio. If I hustle, I can get in my cardio and then dash home for shower, BF, and leave for work by about 6:20--that will get me to work by 7 so I miss all that nasty traffic. Yee Haw!!!

Tomorrow I need to start tanning for the final picture--after all brown fat is thinner than white fat!!

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5 years ago

Cecily, you make my head spin. Wow, that is a lot done. Brown fat, huh? That is funny :laugh5: