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Friday, Apr 17 2009 - Friday, April 17, day before weigh-in

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It's 5:38 a.m. and I just finished breakfast. I've been to the gym and did 25 minutes pretty HI on the elliptical--tough stuff. In one way I'm going to be glad when this thing is over; in another way, this has been a kinda cool thing to do. If I ever do it again I'll have a much better idea how to manage the water manipulation, so I need to make some notes on what I did. Also, if I ever REALLY get into one of these contests I need to start dieting down way before I did this time--two weeks just isn't enough.

I should be in good shape for the weigh-in. My dinner last night was loaded with sodium--cucumber salad, pickles, olives. If I drink lots of water today I should flush most of that out, along with a few pounds. Plus a couple of trips to the "library" and I should be well positioned for tomorrow. I hope. At least that's the theory.

I need to shower and get to work. More later.

I had this stupid dream that appeared just as I woke up. Something about Kevin Costner and swimming in a canal by one of those big culverts that go under a road. He was afraid of water and jumped in to save me even though I intentionally let myself get pulled through the culvert to the other side. And I don't even particularly LIKE Kevin Costner. Too weird. I wonder where this one came from.

I was fake-tanning this morning after my shower and I realized that I am starting to really like the way I look--not dressed with clothes on and my hair and makeup fixed, but naked and standing in front of the mirror. The "me" project isn't quite finished, but I feel extra good now that I'm starting to see how the end product is going to turn out. There is hope, even at 59! (Actually 59 is turning out to be a pretty good year and I expect next year to be even better!)

I just finished my plan for Sunday dinner--a little more complicated than normal because I want to control my protein, carbs, and fat a lot more closely. This is definitely gonna take some practice. It's been so easy because I wasn't trying to balance carbs along with calories and everything else.

7:30 p.m.--I don't feel like I'm doing so good: bloated and full of water. This is not good the day before weigh-in. But my tummy is gurgling like there's no tomorrow so I suspect something is going to come of this. I took a water pill too, so maybe some of this extra water will disappear by tomorrow. Hope so.

>>>Friday. Weight in the a.m. is 148.5. Eat < 1300 calories; 20 minutes HI cardio in a.m. Dulcolax--keep things moving. Protein/liquids only after 10 a.m.; drink lots of water. Shoulders/biceps/triceps after work then 30 min LI cardio. Tan

>>>Saturday. Weight in the a.m. is _____. 40 mg Lasix early in a.m.? No more than 2 oz water per hour until weigh-in; no food. Tan in a.m. Hair appointment at 9:00 a.m.; weigh in at Golds.

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5 years ago

Hey Cecily, Where have you been? Haven't seen you in a long while? What are you up to? You're really charging ahead aren't you?