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Sunday, Apr 19 2009 - New Plan Begins!!

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It's Sunday, April 19 and "the new plan" begins--today I begin to "Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle". Almost first thing this morning: 45 minutes cardio. I have planned meals all day starting with BF at 6? Measurements first thing--weight, circumference, skin fold/BF, BEI/BF. I need to know the starting point. Meal prep for week is in good shape--tuna, cottage cheese, vegies, HB eggs, roast a turkey breast for dinner tonite. All I need to do is make up some actual meal portions--cottage cheese, tuna, crackers, that sort of thing.

Last thing I need to do for Golds Challenge is to put my essay together. I'm going to spend a little mental time working on that when I'm on the stepmill this a.m. That way I can get it down on electronic paper when I get back from the gym.

7:15 p.m.--Essay is mostly roughed out. I'll tune it up at work tomorrow and then print it out; I'll turn it in after work on the way home.

Today was busy--garden is mostly in, meals are prepped and packed for tomorrow. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go to the gym for some possibly enthusiastic cardio; after work I plan on doing legs and maybe a little more cardio. Tuesday I'm going to go for a run in the a.m.--I should do OK because I've been doing so much cardio, but this pounding the pavement is a whole different beast.

Exercise Log: 50 minutes stepmill, FB7, 460 cals, 201 floors!
Gardening: about 120 minutes

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