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Thursday, Apr 23 2009 - Thursday, April 23

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Weight this a.m. = 148.5 -- Perfectly reasonable since I spent all of yesterday in the bathroom.

It's 4:01. On longer cardio days I'd be out of the house by now, but since this is a Cto5K day and a bit shorter, I'll give myself another 10 minutes.

This morning worked out better. I did better getting ready for today last night. I think planning helped and we'll see how it works out after I get back from the gym, because actually that's where the slowdowns take place. Clothes (i.e. "what to wear";) is really a sticking point, but I'm going to work on that some this weekend--I want to get my clothes more organized so I can find things in the a.m.

Tonite I do back and calves and abs at the gym. It should be a pretty easy trip because I see the oral surgeon at 3:45 here in Nampa. As soon as I'm done there I can zip over to the gym and do my thing.

Tomorrow, depending on what Dr. Turpen says and depending on whether I like this guy, I am going to have those 2 teeth pulled. I am pretty sure this is going to be the last of the medical/dental stuff I'm going to have done this summer/plan year. I feel soooo good, I just don't want to waste any more time recovering from things done to me.

Later~~gotta RUN!!!

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