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Thursday, Apr 30 2009 - Not quite May 1

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I don't know why I insist on thinking that doing something I KNOW doesn't work might work if I try it one more time. To wit: I am not happy when I eat a lot of carbs (e.g. 40% or more of my diet). My blood sugar swings all over the place, I feel tired/no energy, and I have zero appetite control. So what do I do but try a "normal" diet with lots of starchy carbs because it sounds healthy. And after one week, my blood sugar is all over the place, I'm tired, I have no energy, and I've started to eat everything in sight.

So tomorrow (or today I guess) I am going to start decarbing one more time--high protein/high fat for a few days and then get back to something more reasonable. Not much bread, no potatoes, no rice, lno fruit, lots of vegies, lots of meat, cottage cheese, tuna. Fair amount of fat, mayo. Simple carbs just before/during a workout (gatorade is good). I know this works and I feel good--I don't know why I always have to re-invent the dietary wheel.

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