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Not quite May 1

Thursday, April 30th 2009

I don't know why I insist on thinking that doing something I KNOW doesn't work might work if I try it one more time. To wit: I am not happy when I eat a lot of carbs (e.g. 40% or more of my diet). My blood sugar swings all over the place, I feel tired/no energy, and I have zero appetite control. So what do I do but try a "normal" diet with lots of starchy carbs because it sounds healthy. And after one week, my blood sugar is all over the place, I'm tired, I have no energy, and I've...

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Monday--running behind the end of April

Monday, April 27th 2009

Exercise Log: Stepmill, (30 + 3) min FB L6-10, 305 cals, 124 floors

Thursday, April 23

Thursday, April 23rd 2009

Weight this a.m. = 148.5 -- Perfectly reasonable since I spent all of yesterday in the bathroom.

It's 4:01. On longer cardio days I'd be out of the house by now, but since this is a Cto5K day and a bit shorter, I'll give myself another 10 minutes.

This morning worked out better. I did better getting ready for today last night. I think planning helped and we'll see how it works out after I get back from the gym, because actually that's where the slowdowns take place. Clothes (i.e. &...

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Timing is Everything!!! (4/22/09)

Wednesday, April 22nd 2009

Cardio: stepmill 45 minutes. Set on manual mostly level 5 w/ interval at L9-15 (L15 was a killer). 375 cals/185 floors/AHR=125/MHR=150. I was dragging and sweating buckets by the time I was done.

I swear that I spent half the day in the bathroom--I must have gone 15 times! I couldn't have 1 single drop of retained water left in me. So I'll probably have gained 5 pounds by tomorrow--go figure.

New daily schedule--still a work in progress

3:30--get up and get my lazy butt to th...

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Tuesday March 21 Aimless BLOG

Tuesday, April 21st 2009

I just finished planning my meals for Thursday--meals are all packed and measured for tomorrow. Exercise plan for tomorrow: 45-60 minutes cardio after work then a light supper. Friday a.m. I have a couple of teeth out, so no food then; if I feel like it I'll do some cardio before. If not I have lots of drugs and I can do cardio afterward sometime.

I am tired and I am going to bed. The twerp is just going to have to move.