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Tuesday, May 19 2009 - Tuesday, May 19

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Weoght Sunday = 157.5
Weight yesterday = 156.75
Weight = 155.25

Very interesting. It's certainly shouldn't be carb depletion because I'm eating lots of carbs. No excessive protein either. But I'm dropping water AND a little fat weight, too--my belly is smaller. It can't be because my GI tract is empty because I know that there is all sorts of stuff in there. I'm peeing a bunch of water away and the dehydration made me a little crampy last night, but all I need to do for that is drink more water. OK--lots more water. Goal for today: 4 liters of water! I'll just find a 1 liter bottle and fill it up 4 times today.

I was amazed how full I got last night eating vegies. Usually I still "feel hungy" even if my stomach is full--especially if I've had a couple of glasses of wine. But I was really done last night and didn't want any more at all. And I didn't want much later, either; 1 cup of coffee with H&H was plenty. There was a lot of oil in the artichoke hearts and in the hummus, so that was apparently what did it. The conversation was nice, too.

It will be amazing if adding 4 T of olive oil (about 480 cals) to my diet does the trick, but who cares. It's easy to manipulate the calories up/down to fine tune weight loss for a short period, but I really want to find a "lifestyle diet" that lets me maintain without counting. And, based on one day's testing, it appears that the high oil keeps my BS in line--even when I eat more carbs than I have been except on a craving binge. And carbs are really important if I want to keep running and climbing and lifting and all that good stuff--ENERGY!!

I'm beginning to get the urge to start doing some Olympic lifts--cleans, jerks, etc. I can do some at the local gym, but I'll have to go to Golds if I get up to any weight and need an Olympic platform and bumper plates.

I need to check out the IAC that's coming here in Nampa. I'll have time to take care of that today.

7:40 a.m.~~Went for a run this morning at the Rec Center and it was great!! I am really proud of myself: I jogged one full lap (0.56 mile) without a single walk break--I even had energy left for a kick at the end. Next time I'm going to try for 2 laps at a stretch--psychologically tough but probably OK physically. We'll see.

Tomorrow a.m.: Stepmill 30 minutes and abs in the morning starting at 4 a.m.; lift weights and a little more cardio after work. I'm anxious to see how this new diet works for lifting since there's more carbs in it. And I need to bring my testing kit to check while I'm working out. I think back and glutes and hams would be a good workout for tomorrow.!


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5 years ago

Wow, your gym routine is truly impressive. Do you mind if I ask you how did you start? I joined 24 Hour Fitness but am having trouble going there. Like you, I want a healthy eating lifestyle as opposed to a diet. I also find maintaining my BS is very necessary to not going on a binge. I think healthy fats might be the answer (you referenced olive oil). Have a great Tuesday! Cheryl52