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Wednesday, May 27 2009 - Almost a new month

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I have to say that May has not been particularly productive--mostly I've fooled around on my diet, my health, and my goals. I can do better than this and I'm going to over the next month--the next month end date will be July 3--the Friday we leave for Reno. July 3 is 37 days (about 5 weeks) away. So here are my tentative plans:

(1) I weighed 157 this a.m. -- not real, mostly water weight. So I'll figure 152 as a real weight-loss starting point. I have 5 weeks, so I think I can get down to 142--maybe 140--if I work as diligently as I did for the weight-loss contest. That's the plan.

(2) I've been fiddling around on my office work. I'm going to get my office cleaned up, get the taxes done, get a budget in place, and get to work on my writing projects. Time to get with the program!!

(3) I find I get extremely depressed and de-focused if I don't get to talk to people. Well, on-line blogging and forums work just fine since Larry basically talks as much as a log. It takes time, but not as much time as moping around being depressed.

(4) I have housework to do. I need to paint, plant, and vacuum. And that's what I'm going to do.

Tonight I'm going to go to the gym (goal 1) and I'm going to work in my office (goal 2).

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