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Thursday, May 28 2009 - One day at a time--Thursday

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Weight = 155.5
BG = 114

It's 3:50 and I plan to head off to the gym as soon as I finish my coffee. I am going to walk on the stepmill and do some abs and triceps this morning.

ST going forward: I think I'm going to back to the old tried-and-true BFL plan for reps and sets. I think I'll do the "big muscle" UB and LB stuff at the gym; I can do biceps, triceps, calves, and abs along with cardio in the a.m. Or I can sneak the "little muscle" stuff in at work--after all, I have a weight set there! I'm going to come up with a better plan with some sort of schedule today at work.

I'm also going to come up with some kind of reasonable calorie-tapering plan. I have definitely been on a "see food" diet the past month or so, and the scale shows it. Mind you, my weight is still in the 150's, but it's ridiculous none-the-less. My final goal-weight is in sight and I need to keep my eye on the ball.
I remember when I moved to Seattle early in the spring of 1978 I weighed 155 which was down from 188 or more; by fall I weighed 125 or less. I didn't do it the right way, exactly--I just cut my calories and didn't exercise enough most of the time. However I did focus on fresh fruits and vegies with lots of meat and fish--fat was relatively high. Since I was counting calories on paper, I only counted the "big stuff"--I remember lettuce, onion, celery, and most condiments were free. Although I planned for 1000 calories or less, I probably was eating about 1200 calories most of the time because of all the free stuff. The big thing is that I was consistent: I stuck with my diet plan pretty darned religiously for as long as it took (maybe 6-8 months?) to reach my goal.
Okay, it's the first of June and I have 35 pounds to lose from today. Targets/goals are:
(1) I need to manipulate scale weight to be less than 150 pounds by next Monday, June 1 (weight loss contest at work--a good motivator, even though I am the only contestant!)
(2) I want to be down below 140 by July 3, even if that is going to require another bout of water management for scale weight.
(3) I want to weigh less than 130 by Labor Day. This should be "real" weight--not just scale manipulation.
(4) If I can manage this, 115-120 by Thanksgiving should be very doable.
(5) This will set me up well for the holidays and I will be in GREAT shape to prep for pictures or even competition (if I'm brave enough) in the spring. In any case, my weight will be down enough that I can really make plans to get a little surgical primping done.

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