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Friday, May 29 2009 - T---G---I---F!!!!!!!

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Weight = 152.75
BS = 100

Plan for the morning: work on this until 4:30 or so and then go to the gym. Get home about 5:30, have BF, shower, and go to work. At this point I don't think I have anything really to do at work, so I should have plenty of time to lay out the weekend.

Weigh-in on Monday and I need to be less than 150 for a not-very-critical weigh-in. This will be doable with carb counting and a little water management for a few days. Tentative plan for the weekend: Dulcolax Saturday night and Sunday night; low fiber on Sunday (subject to change depending on weight tomorrow morning). I weigh and measure Sunday morning so that will give me a good starting point for this next month.

I need to focus on June: I really want to be down to 140'ish by the time we go visit Davd and Jo and the kids in Reno. I think 140 is a good goal to shoot for. So, for next week I'm going to try to eat <1700 calories/day, do 20-30 minutes early morning cardio 5 days (including my version of Cto5K), 20-45 minutes of ST 5 days.

Afternoon: I've spent most of the day planning and scheduling and trying to get everything in order. I don't have much to do at work except "be available" so I spent the day planning for when I can do something.

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