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Last day of June

Tuesday, June 30th 2009

Weight = 160.5
BP = 90/63; P = 69
BG = 114

I think this is right. I didn't save the first stupid entry and lost it all. Damn!

Goal(s) for today: (1) drink lots of water (2) abs at work (3) walk at lunch (4) eat on schedule (5) exercise at 5 a.m. (after my second cup of coffee) (6) lotsa laundry/dishes (7) no coffee after 9 a.m. (8) determine goals for July and write them down!!

Couple of goal thoughts: (1) write a novel -- no plot? no problem! I have the kit and to...

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How annoying

Monday, June 29th 2009

Weight = 161.5. This is truly annoying. I swear my stomach is so bloated I feel like a water baloon. Stuff just hasn't been "moving on," so I think I'm going to do something about that. Yuk!

BP = 99/63; pulse = 51
BG = 129; not too bad because I just finished eating. I'll check it again when I get to work.

Goal(s) for today: (1) drink lots of water (2) abs at work (3) walk at lunch (4) eat on schedule (5) gym after work--weights and stepmill (6) scoop kitty litte...

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Almost the end of June

Sunday, June 28th 2009

Weight today = 160!!! This is pathetic and I need to work on this. I have to say I have totally gotten off track on this and I need to get back on track. Well, I certainly can do so.

I have a couple of things sorted out--mentally at least. (1) I have a plan for dealing with the abnormal PAP/DES issue. Charlie (bless his heart) referred me to an OB in the St. Als group; I plan to get a repeat of the colposcopy/biopsy. I also had a great visit with the pathologist at Mercy--actually it...

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Wednesday, June 24

Wednesday, June 24th 2009

Weight = 157.75 A bit dehydrated, but I'll take every 1/4 pound I can get!
BG = 96
BP = 102/66
HR = 58

It's a few minutes after 4--I've fixed my lunch and did my morning measurements. As soon as I'm done with my coffee, I'll head to the gym for a little iron work and some cardio.

I had an almost issue with eating last night after dinner, but I derailed what could have been a HUGE problem with some cheese and a bit of cracker (about 200 calories). Trigger? Larry was unusually ...

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Tuesday, one more time

Tuesday, June 23rd 2009

Weight - 158.5
BG = 94
BP = 117/70
HR = 50

I am so tired tonight--probably because I didn't sleep well last night. And likely because I am stressed and have just started exercising again.

I've gained a little weight since I fell off the wagon a couple of months ago, but not too bad. I'm up to 158, so up about 10 pounds. Very fixable with a little devotion to exercise and eating right. It will be interesting to see what I weigh tomorrow a.m.

My goal is to be consistent....

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