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Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 - Tuesday, one more time

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Weight - 158.5
BG = 94
BP = 117/70
HR = 50

I am so tired tonight--probably because I didn't sleep well last night. And likely because I am stressed and have just started exercising again.

I've gained a little weight since I fell off the wagon a couple of months ago, but not too bad. I'm up to 158, so up about 10 pounds. Very fixable with a little devotion to exercise and eating right. It will be interesting to see what I weigh tomorrow a.m.

My goal is to be consistent. I want to keep my calories less than 2000 per day--not something that happens when I eat 4 ginormous cookies and a 1/2 gallon of ice cream after dinner. If I can keep exercising and eating right, the weight will come off and stay off and I will feel good at the same time.

I am concerned about the colposcopy, biopsy, etc. Not about the procedure (no big deal) but I am concerned about the pathology findings and the treatment protocol. I really don't want to be a learning tool for the oncologist, though I think she's competent and knowledgable. Nonetheless, I worry about being treated by someone who has never seen a CCA let alone treated one. I think I need a little counseling by Stringam or Charlie--I need a second opinion. I'll deal with that tomorrow.

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