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Wednesday, Jun 24 2009 - Wednesday, June 24

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Weight = 157.75 A bit dehydrated, but I'll take every 1/4 pound I can get!
BG = 96
BP = 102/66
HR = 58

It's a few minutes after 4--I've fixed my lunch and did my morning measurements. As soon as I'm done with my coffee, I'll head to the gym for a little iron work and some cardio.

I had an almost issue with eating last night after dinner, but I derailed what could have been a HUGE problem with some cheese and a bit of cracker (about 200 calories). Trigger? Larry was unusually silent last night, I'm stressed about potential gyn problems, I had a drink with dinner, phase of the moon--I'm an addict so who knows. In any case, my weight is down a bit this a.m., so I guess I didn't do any real damage.

Today at work I have a couple of webcasts to attend and then I'm going to focus on: (1) getting that letter out to BCI and (2) working on that job application. I may spend some time working on building a training session on spreadsheet design. Housekeeping--take some stamps and envelopes to work; order John's bus pass.

Shopping: cucumbers, mushrooms, eggs, string cheese, canned kitty food.

I should have gone to the gym this a.m. but ended up reading on CK instead. I guess that's OK--I intended to go to the gym after work anyway. I'm hungry--time to eat breakfast.

11:30 a.m.--I am currently listening to a webcast on venture capital. It's not particularly on-point, so I'll multi-task for a bit.
I have an appointment with Dr. Stringam this afternoon. I want to talk about this whole DES baby, abnormal pap, referral to an oncologist, and that mass on the abdominal MRI. I am a bit annoyed about being referred to an oncologist without any physician warning, though I think that Dr. Self did tell me she would send me to Dr. Cooper if the second pap was abnormal. I like Dr. Cooper, but she is very young; I have no doubt she is competent, but I have a nagging worry that she simply does not have sufficient clinical experience with DES babies. I really don't want to be a step on the learning curve here. Unlike PKD, DES babies are relatively rare. Missing the diagnostic boat somewhere along this line could have some pretty major consequences for me--from what I've read CCA is a fairly agressive cancer. I really don't want to have my name used in the same sentence with terms like "metastatic" and "stage III/IV" if I can help it. And what about that shadow next to my kidney? It is probably a collapsed cyst--definitely a collapsed cyst per Dr. Miller--but I am still concerned. My impression from a brief survey of the literature seems to indicate a higher-than-normal incidence of renal CCA in DES babies, though this may not be correct.

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