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Sunday, Jun 28 2009 - Almost the end of June

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Weight today = 160!!! This is pathetic and I need to work on this. I have to say I have totally gotten off track on this and I need to get back on track. Well, I certainly can do so.

I have a couple of things sorted out--mentally at least. (1) I have a plan for dealing with the abnormal PAP/DES issue. Charlie (bless his heart) referred me to an OB in the St. Als group; I plan to get a repeat of the colposcopy/biopsy. I also had a great visit with the pathologist at Mercy--actually it was a second pathologist in the group who reviewed the slides. He is on-board with the plan. Monday I need to contact Stringam/Self/Charlie to bring everyone up to speed on the plan. (2) Depression/exhaustion. I think I have become extra dependent on Ambien. I didn't take any on Friday night or Saturday--I didn't sleep well, but I feel much better. I do not plan to take any tonight either. I've been fighting a headache the past couple of days and have felt kinda yucky, but I think that's just withdrawals--sort of like quitting coffee. But even though I haven't felt particularly well, I feel better--none of that tiredness or laziness or whatever. It may take a while to get over this, but I need to do this.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to the gym early since I can't sleep anyway. Tonight I'm going to a BBQ, but I'm going to try to be fairly good. In any case, this will be my last hoorah before I get serious about this eating wise stuff.

Tomorrow I am going to work and I am going to FOCUS for the first time in weeks. I think without the Ambien hangover I will be able to get with the program on a bunch of stuff.

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