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Monday, Jul 20 2009

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Weight = 160.5
BG = 93

My eating yesterday was good, though I didn't do much in the way of exercise. I need to focus on staying on track today as well.

It has occurred to me the past couple of days that I am almost 60. OMG!!! I certainly don't feel that old: after all, 60 makes me an old lady! Well, I refuse. I will NOT be crippled and fat and bent over and weak and unable to get up off the floor without hanging on to a chair. Furthermore, I am not ready to start winding down in my work and I am not ready to retire. What I do want to do is get a job that has a little OOMPH to it--but who ever heard of someone changing jobs at 60! But the way it's going now, I want to work for at least another 15-20 years and THEN retire; I still have lots to do.

Today I should start getting emails from BCI about "walking works." But I think I'm going to go out on the website now and see if I can check it out.

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