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Friday, Jul 24 2009

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Weight this morning = 158.25. This is good. Maybe a little dehydrated, but still good. The goal is to keep my weight in the 150's through the end of July--a reasonable goal would be 156 by Aug 1.

Goals to follow: 148 by September 1, 140 by October 1>>132 by November 1>>126 by December 1>>118 BY MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I could speed it up and keep it fresh by throwing in a couple of weeks here and there of really intense exercise and diet and then backing off to a more conservative weight loss plan for a month or so. If I can keep some mature focus on this and stick with the plan, I could actually reach goal by Thanksgiving (1 month early)--at least as far as scale weight goes.

I slept good last night and I feel pretty good this morning, even though I am a little groggy still. My plan is to squeeze some ST into my day at work. After all, I do have a set of weights in my office so I ought to use them. Plus I am doing some pushups with John and that has to count for something--at least 20 minutes or so.

Goals for today
:thumbu2: (1) Keep calories at 1600-1800. Tonight is "steak night" at the Vaughn's--cheap version of going out to eat. Nice steaks on the barbie, a drink before dinner, maybe a baked potato or something. And a couple of extra calories to play with. Good job: cals = 1914 total (114 over)
:thumbu2: (2) Walk 30 minutes -- 18 + 30 = 48 minutes
:thumbu2: (3) Stretch 3 times -- 1 + 1 + 1 = 3
:thumbu2: (4) Strength train upper body: 40 pushups(10+10+15+5=40):/100 crunches(60+40=100)/200 squats(50+100+50=200)
:thumbu2: (5) Repeat to self 20 times: "ONE DAY AT A TIME!!!"
:thumbu2: (6) Go to bed early--in bed by 9 p.m.
Penalty for failure: clean the frig/freezer in the garage
Penalty for yesterday's failure: clean the fireplace!!

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