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Demise of WD

Friday, July 17th 2009

I like the Warrior Diet. I feel good on it. It is easy to follow. Sort of. The problem is that I can't eat my vegies--my nice and crunchy, yummy carrots and celery and beans and peas and cauliflower. With these new braces, I just can't eat that way anymore. And without vegies to snack on during the day I just get too hungry and miserable so I overeat on bad stuff at night. Bummer.

So I am now back to a relatively high fat, high protein diet with just a few carbs here and there. I'm ...

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Thursday, July 16th 2009

Weight = 161.5
BG = 115 @ 0430
BP = 101/66; P = 54

I am not very happy with my eating right now. In fact, my eating is right out of control. But this is emotional eating and I know it. But emotions, frustrations, whatever--today will be better. One day at a time.

Today at work I am going to start working on this stupid Fremont audit. I want to have a rough draft to Terri by the end of July.

This morning I did some pretty serious reorganizing of papers/folders at work. Pa...

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Wednesday, July 15th 2009

Weight = 158.5
BG = 148 @ 0430
BP = 100/70; P = 94

Weight not to bad, considering. Now I need to have a long, hard look at the considering last night. I ate a WHOLE cheese cake (chocolate swirl) and a PINT of B&J Chocolage Fudge Brownie ice cream totaling 3680 calories for God's sake! What was I thinking? The real answer is that I wasn't thinking, I was Jonesing. I was driven by somethin no less powerful that the MJ addiction; I know it's there, but I really gotta get a grip. ...

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Tuesday, July 14th 2009

Weight = 158.25
BG = 110 @ 0410
BP = 94/58; P = 61

WD is going pretty well--I am managing my appetite just fine until dinnertime when I have my big meal. And it is easy to follow because there is a lot less time spent in food prep/planning since all I have to do is eat lightly all day and then balance out the calories at night. In fact, it is almost too easy--eating wisely has always been much more complicated than this!

I did well with my goal list yesterday. The plan is to do ...

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Monday, July 13th 2009

Weight = 160.25
BG = 124 @ 0416
BP = 104/57; P = 49

OK--today is real first day of WD since I will be going to work, eating dinner at home, and generally having a regular schedule. So far I have to say I feel good on this diet, though I did have a problem with acid stomach last night/early this morning that woke me up about 2:45. A piece of cheese didn't help much, but I did finally go back to sleep after awhile. I think I may have been dehydrated because I didn't pee much when I got...

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