CECILY55's Aug 2009 CalorieKing Blog

August 31--Last day of August

Monday, August 31st 2009

Plan for the week: get up at 4:15, go to gym by 5:15, home by 6:15. Leave for work by 8:30, work ~ 9 - 6 (9 hours less lunch); there will be some variation depending on appointments, traffic, etc. Leave work by 6:30 (latest), gym 7-7:45 (2 days/ week only), eat by 8, bed by 9.

Variation for today:
4:15 get-up alarm
5:15 gym
8:00 leave for work
8:30 - 12:15 work
12:15 - 1 pm lunch
1 pm to 2:15 work
2:15 leave for Dr. Miller
2:45 Dr. Miller appointment
3:45 gym
4:30 hom...

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Private BLOG

Friday, August 28th 2009

I decided today that I needed some personal space. I need a place to jot feelings and thoughts without having to share them with the world.

I am really anxious about this back pain. It's annoying most of the time, bad some of the time, and severe occasionally. What it does is keep me from concentrating on my work and fun and home and other stuff.

This back ache has been nagging on since June--I know this because I started seeing the chiropractor in July, just as soon as the plan y...

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