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Friday, Aug 28 2009 - Private BLOG

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I decided today that I needed some personal space. I need a place to jot feelings and thoughts without having to share them with the world.

I am really anxious about this back pain. It's annoying most of the time, bad some of the time, and severe occasionally. What it does is keep me from concentrating on my work and fun and home and other stuff.

This back ache has been nagging on since June--I know this because I started seeing the chiropractor in July, just as soon as the plan year rolled over. At the time I would have sworn that the pain was due to muscle/bone/something physical. In August the pain was getting some worse--certainly no better--so I went to a back doc, Dr. Verska. Dr. Verska did an MRI and at first he seemed to think the pain might be due to a bulging disk or arthritis in my spine, but then he decided it was kidney. About that time I started having bouts of fever/chills and pre-nausea--not really severe, but uncomfortable; that's when I thought it might be kidney. Kidney--Sharma and Miller. Sharma thought it sounded like a kidney infection and put me on Levaquin and ordered a CT scan and blood work. I don't know what the labs say, but the CT scan said I have PKD with some hemorragic cysts. Sharma gave me oxycontin for the pain.

Well, the oxycontin helps with the pain and it doesn't seem to interfere with driving or work, but I certainly don't want to stay on this stuff forever. So my plan now is to talk to Miller on Monday about cyst defenestration and Dr. Stringam about pain control on Tuesday. I am also beginning to have some delayed gastric emptying/GERD just like last summer. So I added omeprazole/metaclopramide to the mix. This is ridiculous--I am going to permanently support Reddish pharmacy at this rate.

Over the past couple of months I have gained about 15 pounds because I haven't been exercising much--partly because I thought it was an injury so I was resting and partly because I didn't feel very good. However, now that I can't eat as much, the Dr. Sharma no-fail diet plan should help me drop some weight. If I exercise I should keep my muscle mass pretty much intact--I just need to be careful so I don't end up with a ruptured tendon secondary to the Levaquin.

I just ate a can of Progresso minestrone soup. I was soooo hungry when I started, but it was all I could do to finish it. In fact, eating the whole thing was just a little too much. This is so weird! Normally a can of soup is nothing, but now it's a whole BIG meal. I actually feel overfull and acidy because of it. Without doubt I am going to have to reset my meal size/eating habits.

Exercise: I've done some stretching exercises today. I may stop at the gym on the way home and walk on the stepmill for 15-20 minutes--I'm in such crappy condition that is probably all I can do! I may also do a few leg exercises just to prove to myself I can do something.

Diet/weigh-in/weight-loss plan: I'm going to shoot for 1200-1300 calories with no less than 85 grams of protein. (If this go-round on ES is like last summer, 1200 calories will probably be about my average intake.) If I exercise some, that should let me drop 2-3 pounds per week--about 10 pounds per month. So, by my birthday, I could reasonably hit my goal of 118 and that would be super! Weigh-in will be Saturday a.m.--tomorrow is going to be my official start day!

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