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Saturday, Sep 12 2009 - Saturday, September 12

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Today I weighed 163.5 first thing this morning. I'll measure after a bit, but I think it's safe to say that the fat gain is more than just the weight gain. Even without measurements I can tell I'm as fluffy as a marshmallow! I think it's time for a change.

Especially now that my back is feeling so much better. Nothing like draining those two cysts to get rid of that problem. Of course the cysts will fill back up in a couple of weeks or a month or two, but perhaps the pain will stay gone for awhile. And while it's gone, I need to get with the eat right and exercise program. It bothers me that I am probably looking forward to a life with either grinding pain or a life of intermittent surgical procedures to relieve the pain--and those procedures aren't exactly painless themselves.

Even if the pain is gone (at least for now) the biggest advantage is that the pressure is off my stomach and duodenum so my appetite is consistent. The past few weeks of overeating/starving have been not good for my weight. First I couldn't eat much for a day or two, then when I could eat I'd overeat; I couldn't plan my meals or have any kind of control over how much I ate!

Now I need to focus on the last 19 days of September. This is going to be my pre-conditioning period; it is also going to be the time I use to wash out the levoquin and let my tendons get strong and ready to go to work. Since I've done almost nothing for 2+ months, I got to get with the program. To start with I'm going to follow the Body-for-Life protocol PLUS add in 2 LSD sessions of 30-60 minutes, probably on the stepmill, probably after work on the days I do some interval work in the a.m. Except for the LSD, I'm going to try to do my workouts in the a.m. before I leave for work. Calories: pretty much BFL too. Easy to follow, canned diet and exercise. Diet I will start today, exercise will be LSD instead of intervals.

Meds: today is last day for Levaquin; yesterday a.m. was last day for Oxycontin. If I get edgy from stopping the Oxycontin, I'll take Xanax as needed. I don't feel real good this morning--kind of achy and draggy; my stomach isn't the best either. But I'll get over it after a bit, though I may need to lie down for an hour or two. I am so tired this morning.

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