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Saturday, Sep 26 2009 - October Goals

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I looked at the goals for the "Sculpting Bodies Thread", e.g. "in so-many-months my arms will be chiseled." Right now I'd be happy not to have a gut that would make any biker proud. It is apparent that I have fallen off the wagon in all sorts of ways, but what's done is done (and unfortunately what's gained is gained). So, goals for October since October is almost here:
(1) weight nicely in the 150's
(2) bench press 100#; squat 150#
(3) jog/run/walk 2 miles in less than 25 minutes

I weighed this morning and discovered I weighed 168.5 pounds. I know some of this is carb-bloat and water retention, but a whole bunch of it is just plain FAT!!! For the past several months I've been eating absolutely weird and bad and out-of-control. I can do better than this--I need to DO better than this!!

Plan to do better:
(1) Body4Life for the rest of the year -- or at least until the journal is completed
(2) Eat sensibly (for a change)--plan for about 1600 calories w/o any offset for exercise--at least for the 1st couple of weeks
(3) Drink lots of water, at least 3-4 liters/day
(4) Exercise per B4L
(5) Take my meds on schedule, work on schedule, exercise on schedule
(6) Be good to myself--take time for planning, journaling, pedicures, skin care; plan some time off that has nothing to do with doctors!!!!

Iron is truth, beauty, justice, and the American way!!

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