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Friday, Oct 23 2009 - Writer's Block

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Well, I've got it--not a doubt in my mind. But I MUST get on with this Fremont audit project. So what is the problem. First I need to identify the problem:

What is(are) the problem(s)?
1. I started this project 18 months or so ago without really understanding the project, even though I thought I understood enough to go somewhere on this. After all, I'd done one whole audit.
2. No one else I work with understands how the telecoms work--I think including my boss. I've talked to John and JoeL and JoeC and Patricia--I don't get any real guidance. When I talk to Terri, she tells me to ask specific questions--something I can't do if I don't know what I don't know.
3. The audit hasn't been very good, mostly because I didn't look at the right things or ask the right questions. But it's really too late to do anything about this.
4. I hate to do crappy work--I really hate to document what crappy work I've done.
5. Anxiety over this whole thing is blocking production.

What to do about this?
1. I've already written down what is causing the writer's block/anxiety. But I can't fix the lack of understanding and it's too late to start over. So it's time to write up what I've done.
2. I do understand the expense side of things and the audit I did on that is OK. Write up the parts I did well first. This includes (1) expense analysis (2) on-site audit and review of plant and CPR (3) on-site audit in Dodge. (4) I think I did a good job of developing revenue requirement.
3. OK, so I don't understand the chart of accounts as well as needed. All I really need to do is follow up on a couple of the revenue accounts.
4. OK, so I can't trace the accounting of all expenses. I'll do the best I can on this. But, in reality, this is a small thing.

1. This is a craftsman's job--it's no different than laying bricks or cleaning a clogged drain. It's boring, but I get paid by the word, by the sentence, by the page. It's just a JOB. Plus I'm a Union employee: I can't get fired as long as the work gets done.
2. I WILL NOT overestimate the impact of this report, because no one really gives a damn. Terri will read it, we'll wordsmith it, and then everyone will forget it.
3. I don't have to work all that hard on this project, but I do need to work on it. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to spend 240 minutes writing on this thing. Schedule will be:
>>>get up at 4, coffee, dress, eat breakfast, kitty litter
>>>write 5:30 - 6:30. Discuss on-site audit of plant and CPR. Include discussion of buildings owned and leased. Used and useful. Exhibit?
>>>break 6:30 - 7. Stretch, KB exercises.
>>>write 7 - 8. Discuss on-site audit in Dodge. Minutes of BOD, internal audit, customer service.
>>>break 8 - 9. Coffee, snack, stretch.
>>>write 9 - 10. Expense trends over past few years. Make exhibits.
>>>break 10 - 10:30
>>>write 10:30 - 11:30. Discuss company/corporate organization. Discuss corporate allocation manual. Discuss amount of allocations.
4. I hereby give myself to write a thoroughly BAD report. This does not have to be good, it has to be done!!!

OK, I've written this stuff down. But just thinking about it makes my stomach queasy. But I have lots of Xanax and Valium--a little bit of that will keep the anxiety on hold. I will focus on getting this stuff done. Focus, focus, focus!!

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