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Saturday, Oct 24 2009 - Beating Writer's Block

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3. I don't have to work all that hard on this project, but I do need to work on it. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am going to spend 240 minutes writing on this thing. Schedule will be:
>>>get up at 4, coffee, dress, eat breakfast, kitty litter
>>>write 5:30 - 6:30. Discuss on-site audit of plant and CPR. Include discussion of buildings owned and leased. Used and useful. Exhibit?
>>>break 6:30 - 7. Stretch, KB exercises.
>>>write 7 - 8. Discuss on-site audit in Dodge. Minutes of BOD, internal audit, customer service.
>>>break 8 - 9. Coffee, snack, stretch.
>>>write 9 - 10. Expense trends over past few years. Make exhibits.
>>>break 10 - 10:30
>>>write 10:30 - 11:30. Discuss company/corporate organization. Discuss corporate allocation manual. Discuss amount of allocations.
4. I hereby give myself to write a thoroughly BAD report. This does not have to be good, it has to be done!!!

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