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MCAT Day -56

Saturday, January 30th 2010

I must be nuts. I swear I'm beginning to dream about equilibrium equations, ion countercurrent exchanges, and hormone interactions. It's a good thing that I only have a couple of months left or I would definitely be certifiable.

"Remember when you ran away and I got on my knees and begged you not to leave because I'd go berzerk?
Well, you left me anyhow and the days got worse and worse and now you see I've gone completely out of my mind.

And They're coming to take me away H...

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MCAT Day -57

Friday, January 29th 2010

I am beginning to think that "old people" (meaning anyone over the age of 40) are considered to be less than capable by the med school community. I picked up a book on the process of going to med school--published in 2009, no less--that pretty much said that OP don't learn as well, that they couldn't handle the rigors of residency (a whole 60 hours per week), that they might not even know how to work a computer?!?!?!? In fact, it might even be UNETHICAL to go to med school if you wer...

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MCAT Day -58

Thursday, January 28th 2010

I had a good day studying yesterday, even though I didn't feel well at all. I think I've got a gluten allergy plus maybe some allergies to other stuff. Up until Tuesday night, I'd been 99.95% gluten-free--then I had a piece of fruitcake and VOILA! I started itching like crazy with little red bumpy-things popping up on my legs and shoulders. Yesterday my stomach REALLY hurt, I itched, and I just plain felt lousy; last night I had some home-made clam chowder and started feeling pretty good. P...

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MCAT Day -60

Tuesday, January 26th 2010

Today I'm back to chemistry--inorganic today, organic tomorrow. I'm going to re-read the Kaplan Chapter 4 and then retake the quiz. If I keep at it, I should get through 2 chapters today. One day at a time.....

61 days to go!

Monday, January 25th 2010

Sometimes I get so discouraged that I just want to give it up--especially on the VR portion. I can take a timed sample test of 10 questions or so and I end up with 50-60% score. What is the deal with this? I am much brighter than this. Practice, practice, practice--if at first you don't succeed.... I hope that one day it will all just "click" and I'm getting a handle on this.
I'm doing OK on the biology part, though (I should hope so!)

Today I'm going to work on physics ...

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