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Thursday, Jan 28 2010 - MCAT Day -58

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I had a good day studying yesterday, even though I didn't feel well at all. I think I've got a gluten allergy plus maybe some allergies to other stuff. Up until Tuesday night, I'd been 99.95% gluten-free--then I had a piece of fruitcake and VOILA! I started itching like crazy with little red bumpy-things popping up on my legs and shoulders. Yesterday my stomach REALLY hurt, I itched, and I just plain felt lousy; last night I had some home-made clam chowder and started feeling pretty good. Personal dx: there is something going on.

Yesterday I concentrated on inorganic chemistry and pretty much got through Kaplan Part II. This morning I'm going to read Biology Chapter and then get back into chemistry. I think it's getting better, but it's a jolly good thing that I can stuff a lot of "stuff" into my brain in 58 days!!!

I am sloughing it a bit on taking care of myself. Today I'm going to focus on (1) eating better (2) drinking at least a gallon of water and (3) going for a run when I get home this evening.

To work.......

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