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Friday, Jan 29 2010 - MCAT Day -57

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I am beginning to think that "old people" (meaning anyone over the age of 40) are considered to be less than capable by the med school community. I picked up a book on the process of going to med school--published in 2009, no less--that pretty much said that OP don't learn as well, that they couldn't handle the rigors of residency (a whole 60 hours per week), that they might not even know how to work a computer?!?!?!? In fact, it might even be UNETHICAL to go to med school if you were over 50 because (it was assumed) they would would retire at 70, thus not repaying the cost of their education. However, private schools MIGHT let them in because it would make for a "feel good story" come graduation day.

Discouraging, yes! But it's also enough to really piss me off! Are OP supposed to curl up and die for the good of society? Maybe they should put us on ice flows, cover us with blankets, and shoot arrows into us! Even more to the point, maybe it should be considered unethical to provide kidney dialysis or chemotherapy for anyone over 50! Hmmppffff!!!!!!!

Well, phooey on them. I'm going to review thermodynamics for the MCAT!

Later on that same day: I'm still annoyed, but lifting iron helped me get out of my snit! (OK, fine: I may be old and stupid, but I can still out-lift those punks!)

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4 years ago

I think it may have been written 100 years ago! From the book I'm reading: "There is no best before date when it comes to health & fitness. Anyone who is 40, 50, 60 or beyond doesn't have to accept slippers, curlers and crutches as the natural fate of their increasing age." I would argue that it applies to learning too!




4 years ago

Must of been written by some know-it-all-20-something!




4 years ago

You go chase the dream!