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MCAT Day -52

Wednesday, February 3rd 2010

Today will be a good day. I am scheduled to shadow my dermatologist all day--morning is surgery and afternoon is clinic. It should give me a little added boost; it's hard to see the end of the rainbow when you're up to your a$$ in organic chemistry!!!

Focus, kiddo, focus. This will all be worth it in the end!

MCAT Day -53

Tuesday, February 2nd 2010

The days is counting down to THE BIG ONE!!

I think I have a (semi)plan. I am going to focus primarily on biology and organic chem--I am so strong in biology that all I need is to review and fill in some blanks. Since Organic is part of the BS section, I need to bring that up to speed. Since I am very weak in Organic, I will be able to make some real headway just by learning anything.

Verbal reasoning is also a strong point, but it will take considerable practice. So I am also going...

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MCAT Day - 54

Monday, February 1st 2010

Monday and it's time to hit the books ONE MORE TIME!!! Today is the day for physics and maybe some general chem review! I am really ready for this to be over with, but patience and hard work is going to pay off on this project.

I had some really weird dreams last night--probably stress let-down from the practice exam yesterday. Although I got tired of taking the test, I did pretty well--I would have done better had it been the real thing, I think. But what I did learn is that I still ha...

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