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Monday, Feb 1 2010 - MCAT Day - 54

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Monday and it's time to hit the books ONE MORE TIME!!! Today is the day for physics and maybe some general chem review! I am really ready for this to be over with, but patience and hard work is going to pay off on this project.

I had some really weird dreams last night--probably stress let-down from the practice exam yesterday. Although I got tired of taking the test, I did pretty well--I would have done better had it been the real thing, I think. But what I did learn is that I still have the exam stamina--the exam is 5+ hours of "seat time" and I did just fine. The other thing I learned is that I am getting better on timing--I finished all the sections with a bit of time (5 minutes or so) to spare, more than that on BS which I COULD have turned into a few extra points. I suspect I will get better with practice plus I have almost 8 weeks to review the foundation knowledge. Perhaps there's hope.

I talked to Larry about a contingency plan--after all, I could totally blow this stupid exam. So, if I get less than a 22 on the exam I'm going to sit back, regroup, and find something else to do with my life. Nursing would be OK--it pays well, costs less to do the training, and would get me into contact with people. But I'm not going to give up yet--I've got a long way to go before I cross that bridge!

Am I nuts? Probably not, just not ready to give up on my dream. Like Peter Pan, I'm never going to grow old!

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