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Tuesday, Feb 2 2010 - MCAT Day -53

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The days is counting down to THE BIG ONE!!

I think I have a (semi)plan. I am going to focus primarily on biology and organic chem--I am so strong in biology that all I need is to review and fill in some blanks. Since Organic is part of the BS section, I need to bring that up to speed. Since I am very weak in Organic, I will be able to make some real headway just by learning anything.

Verbal reasoning is also a strong point, but it will take considerable practice. So I am also going to spend some serious quanlity time on this aspect. Kaplan does a good job on this section--this is all about learning how to test since there is no outside knowledge required.

Physics and chemistry are important, but I think I can do fairly well here if I spend some time studying. I have a good qualitative background, I just need to work on the formulas to get the quantitative part down. For physics, I BET there will be an inclined plane problem, an electrostatics problem, a wave problem, and an optics problem. For chemistry, I BET there will be an orbital theory problem, a nuclear problem, an acid-base/titration problem, and a kinetics problem. If I get these concepts well in hand, I should do OK.

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