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Sunday, Mar 7 2010 - Gotta get it together

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Sometimes this is the only way to hold it all together. My sweetie (hubbie now for 20 years) is making me crazy. He goes through phases like this--it's nothing new. But when he does...

It goes like this: he's incredibly cranky when he gets home from work or even just at the end of the day. If I ask him what's wrong, it's the expected "nothing." If I wander off to another room to let him wind down, he follows to keep being cranky to me. This is when I press for more information: does his back hurt (he has psoriatic arthritis)--yes, but he'll take his pill later; is it work--yes, but no more than usual. If I'm watching TV, he changes the channel because he's "not interested in what I'm watching" so he can watch guns/military/car stuff; if I leave he gets pissy that I don't watch TV with him. He gets annoyed that dinner isn't ready on time, but when it's ready he won't come eat for another 30 minutes or so.

Don't get me wrong, he's not abusive or anything nasty; he's just a pain to be around. All of which would be manageable, but I find it stressful and unpleasant at the end of the day--so I drink and/or eat too much because that makes me feel good (dopamine receptors at work, you know!) However, this is making me fat and keeping me from focusing on what's important.

I need a plan....

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4 years ago

I'm there girlfriend. My hubby (only 10 years) does the same. I know he's in a foul mood and then I get the nothing answer even though he knows I can read him. It ends up pissing me off big time. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence and blows over fairly quickly.

If he would let me comfort him, I wouldn't be tempted to comfort myself with food(because I'm now in a foul mood too) .

by SOPHIE102