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Tuesday, May 18 2010 - May 18 -- Time to get back in the game

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I am now back at my starting weight (181), not exactly a goal I've been striving for. I don't know how depressing that is, but it ought to at least measure on the depression scale. My clothes don't fit right and I don't feel good.

My eating is positively out of control. I've been eating anything and everything and just sitting at home on my butt. A lot of this comes from some sort of depression, I think. I don't feel bad, or particularly unhappy--just blah! However, when you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is STOP DIGGING!!! So, just for today, I'm going to plan my meals and stick to it--I can do anything for just one day.

I did some exercise this a.m.--got on the treadmill for 20 minutes while I drank my coffee. Granted it's not exactly an Olympic effort, but from tiny acorns the mighty oak tree grows (or something like that). I am going to do a some easy core exercises and some stretching at work today as well--anything for a break from doing nothing! I have an alarm, all I have to do is set it.

I am now going to plan my meals for the day...

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4 years ago

The wagon is still here! Jump on! :hi: