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Friday, May 28 2010 - Friday (I think)

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It's almost June and the weather stinks--still too cold to plan tomatoes!

This diet/exercise thing is just not going as planned, but I am going to restart the whole process again tomorrow.

I have just not been feeling very good the past 2-3 months, kinda tired and run down. If I exercise at all, I feel like road kill--most unlike me. I have an appointment to see the doc next Friday, because I need to get a handle on this.

First insight: if I don't want to be fat, I need to eat less and exercise more. If I can't exercise much, then I need to eat accordingly.

Second insight: eating to make myself feel better is pretty darned counter-productive, especially if I want to get myself into some kind of acceptable physical condition. I can do better than this and I will.

Tomorrow: I am going to weigh and measure (after all, I need a starting point) and then it's time to put together a plan of action on this eating thing. Exercise: I can work in some gym-type cardio on Friday-Monday most weeks, core and light weights at work Tuesday-Thursday at work. AND I can plan my meals better.

Right now, binges are my biggest problem--food has become my friend since I really don't have anyone to talk to. At work, I go in my office, shut the door, and do nothing all day; I talk some to John and Joe, but I am beginning to think I'm wearing out my welcome (just not a chatty bunch, though it certainly isn't because there is much to do. Home is my safe-haven, but I still don't really have someone to talk to. My sweetie is a great guy and he loves me, but he is not exactly Mr. Conversationalist. For now, this is going to have to be my place to talk.

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