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Eating Weird

Tuesday, June 29th 2010

Sunday's eating was absolutely out of control after dinner with MIL--OMG, 8 servings of cottage cheese (estimate) plus a drink plus a couple of servings of chips! Ridiculous! Yesterday was just weird: calories were within limits, but the choices were odd. So this morning my weight was 182. Hopefully that is mostly water weight and will go down over the next couple of days. I also feel sort of constipated and time will take care of that.

Yesterday I was so tired and sore I pretty much...

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Stress Eating after Dinner w/ MIL

Monday, June 28th 2010

Sunday dinners (a weekly thing) with DH and MIL absolutely make me nuts--the first thing I want to do when I get home is (a) have a BIGGGGG drink and/or (b) eat everything is sight. These outings take at least 2 hours, since I can't escape the immediate stressor by the time I get back home I am totally out of control.

1. MIL doesn't like me much (or at all); to be honest, I don't like her all that much either
2. MIL spends a lot of time praising stepson #2, while criticizi...

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What a day...

Sunday, June 13th 2010

My eating has not been good, but somehow I've stayed within my calorie limit--even did OK with CHON, CHO, and fat though the Na was through the roof. Oh, well.

I have been incredibly frustrated with my personal statement. How do I say what I think and feel without being "preachy"? Why do I want to be a doctor? Well, I want to live a life I enjoy; but it's more than just about me. I want to help other people their life the way I want to live my life. I know that I can't fix e...

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Tuesday, June 8th 2010

I am really pretty disappointed in myself--I have gained a bunch of fat that I worked so hard to lose. However, sitting around feeling sorry for myself isn't doing any good whatsoever! What I do need to do is eat sensibly and start exercising--easy at first, but I will start getting stronger within a couple of months.

For the rest of June, I am going to set my calorie total at 1800+/-50 calories without adjusting for exercise. Right now, my exercise calories burned aren't much--my only g...

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